Yoga Oil

Actual focus on all your senses

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+ Advanced Moisturizing
+ Deep Relaxation
+ Relieve Anxiety
+ Manage Stress

How / When to Use

Due to its versatile action, Yoga Oil multi-purpose face and body oil is the perfect addition to your daily skin care routine. Apply the Yoga Oil on damp skin after taking a shower of bath as this will lock in the moisture. Massage the Yoga Oil into skin until it is absorbed it. Thanks to this, your skin will glow and look healthy.

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Push it

Simply push it when you want to use it

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Use it

Anytime you want

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Feel it

Enjoy your body, mind and soul


You deserve something absolutely delightful

Ideal for all skin types

This Yoga oil is ideal for all skin types: Normal type, dry type sensitive type and a combination of all.

Easy to use

It helps your skin feel softer and brighter. It also works as a hydration booster.

Helps to reduce wrinkles

Apply the Yoga oil to your skin to reduce dryness. It absorbs into the skin very well and it doesn’t feel too oily.

Feel like you are at the SPA

Has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to protect against sun damage.

The insane scent of the Yoga oil

The insane scent of the Yoga oil will make you feel relaxed, more energetic and brighten up your moods.

The mysterious power of BIOACTIVE ingredients

As Yoga Oil formulas contain only the ingredients your skin really needs, face and body oil provides results that will surprise you!

Oleic Acid

effectively protects the skin against water loss, thus smoothing and softening the epidermis

Vitamin B1

has an anti-inflammatory effect

Vitamin A

strengthens the protective function of the epidermis

Vitamin B2

has regenerating properties

Linoleic Acid

soothes irritations

Vitamin B6

accelerates the healing of minor skin lesions

Vitamin D

provides the epidermis with a protective barrier

Vitamin E

relaxes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin

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All natural Yoga Oil

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Health and Yoga

Yoga isn’t just about meditation, breathing, or making asanas in the studio. It’s also about being active and calm throughout the day. Yoga Oils moisturize all your skin and provide instant measures all the ways you move, such as walking the dog, taking the stairs, or playing with your kids. It even keeps track of when you stand up.

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There is just one human race.

YOGA OIL is a collection of all-gender skincare natural products. Nothing is more important than our health and wellbeing. We don’t differentiate by race or gender. We are all human and we are beautiful. Apply gently to your skin. Get the maximum benefits from our natural oils.


Don’t take our word,. See what our experts says about the Yoga Oil. We have got over 1000s of positive reviews.


5 stars product 100 % natural!!! The best I ever have found so far!!! I love this oil. I use it every time. My skin is very dry at times and the product soaks in right away. I had someone ask me why my skin glows. Yoga oil is part of it. A winning combination for my skin.

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What's not to love about Yoga Oil? Everything they make is wonderful! I'm a huge lover of organic oils, and I use this beneficial oil all over my body. Scent is wonderful and keeps my skin looking youthful and healthy. I love Yoga oils!

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Wow just wow! I did not believe there was any product out there to relieve anxiety and. I have been using this product since college and I absolutely love it! Feeling all-time fresh and relaxed. Smells wonderful and absorbs into the skin, and really feels deep relaxation and peace.

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Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

29 MAY 2021

Mass Production

24 MAY 2021

Testing Pre-Production Samples

10 MAY 2021

Product & Website Design

Preview at CES

24 MARCH 2021

24 MARCH 2021

3D Prototype & Testing

04 MARCH 2021

Research and Development


Beauty you always wanted

Inside and out. You’ll express yourself in unique, relax, and more personal ways. Connection with inner self is discreet, sophisticated, and intimate. A whole new way to connect with yourself.

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